What is Digital PR? And how to create Digital PR strategy?

What is Digital PR? And how to create Digital PR strategy?

Digital PR is a strategy used to increase awareness of your brand using online methods. It’s similar to traditional PR. But it offers the opportunity to reach a much broader audience that can’t be reached with only offline methods. To make the most impact, digital PR relies on Internet-based strategies such as SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media.

Digital PR helps to improve a client’s reputation and increase their visibility among members of their target audience. It makes brand more recognizable. 

Building a strong brand in the digital age where number of competitors is constantly growing can be challenging. But there are a wide variety of  methods that we used to increase visibility and remain competitive.

Digital marketing analytics offers a much more comprehensive view of what’s working when it comes to your marketing strategy — and what isn’t.

One of the biggest advantages of doing business in the digital era is having the ability to track and analyze your results with the help of digital analytics. It gives you the needed vision to see where you’re going and if your efforts are paying off. 

What is Digital PR Strategy?

As we know that Digital PR is a strategy used to increase awareness of your brand using online methods. Now we will talk about Digital PR strategy process and why it is important.

Digital PR strategy can be a tricky task. The usual elements of planning, research and execution need to be combined with the typical Digital PR qualities.

Research always creates a great foundation for planning the perfect strategy. So we always start with research. Second important thing that is connected with research is competitor analysis. It gives you insight into how your brand competitors have been executing their digital PR. 

Timing in Digital PR and why is important?

In PR, timing is key. It is important that when implementing your PR campaign strategy. You are aware of how long the process of your Digital PR will take. We need to have in mind that some stuff takes more time and well planned strategy means having in mind that some processes are longer. And it is important to calculate dates. A well-planned PR campaign should roll out over numerous titles and outlets at the same time and feel effortless. 

We need to know your expectations. Some clients are more interested in the SEO benefits of Digital PR than the actual brand presence that they will achieve. For this reason, we need to be sure of what your want from this PR campaign and how can your new campaign will work with that.

Facing Reality in Digital PR

Reality is just to have clearly defined what you want and what you expect. We do not want to lose time and take your money by bringing you bad results and losing a point of your needs and expectations, in fact we help you to plan your goals, to build your expectations and opportunities, and to be realistic through this process.

Keep the campaign simple and effective, we plane time for client feedback and sign off. Campaign strategies can be challenging, but with us, Our team is here to help you with all doubts and help you to have a clear idea of how the digital world is working today.

Digital PR strategy

Preparing Digital PR strategy is very important, we need to think about your goals and expectations, about competitors, about clients, timing… Doing all needed analytics and research, planning campaigns is a very complex work, as well planned strategy brings good results but with some mistakes and misunderstandings we will have bad results and that is something that we don’t want. Our team is here to help you with all questions, expectations, to represent you your opportunities. 

Analytic process is process where we do all needed analytics about competitors, about company results, opportunities…We are tracking your company results through all process and show you relevant results of our digital activity… Using all analytics about current situations and expectations we make clear picture of future steps that you need to make with your company. Analytic process is very simple, we use all analytics tools to find the best solution for your business and bring you one step forward in the digital business world.

Digital PR Transformation

Digital PR Transformation is a staged programme of business improvements to People. Process and Tools used for integrated digital marketing to maximize the potential business contribution of digital technology and media.

Why is Digital PR Transformation needed now?

So why are we looking at digital transformation now? It’s been needed for some time, but the imperative is the growth of mobile device use which has enabled customers to instantly log in to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks. As they log in, they can openly discuss issues with and about your business. Now they can easily request customer service,

ask for help, Share the good news, Look for offers…

What is Digital IQ?

A study identifies the five key behaviors that give companies the edge, enabling them to maximize their use of digital technology across the business and position them for better performance. They call this Digital IQ.

A simple definition of Digital IQ is “the ability to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills related to digital technologies”. It is more than the ability to use digital tools, but rather know why, what, how and when digital technology to improve effectiveness and outcomes. Digital IQ is fundamentally about our relationship with technology, just as Emotional Intelligence is about our relationship with others. It is not about the use of digital tools at the exclusion of human ability but rather it is about the relative strengths of both people and technology and playing to those strengths.

Digital PR Transformation is about your full online transformation, it is about changing your strategies, apply new technologies, reorganize your marketing and online presentation. Activate your Social media, redesigning your website, promote yourself, start your first or new email campagne in the latest trends and with latest tehnike. Optimize your website, bring better UX and UI to your website, write better content…