7 Digital Marketing tips from Rodller for Legal Firms

Legal firms struggle to modernize their Digital Reputation online. Nevertheless, Legal Firms know that a high visible and high reputation in the digital space is critical. A big part of the first impression now goes through the Digital space.

Here are 6 key rules for good keeping competitive in the Digital Reputation and Marketing world.

Keep your website up to date, modernize it.

Websites are not only your Digital Business Card, they also, if well calibrated serve as inbound lead machines. Your legal website should be a precise reflection of your law firm, your values, its practices, and its local market presence. If you are interested more in the process of Website Building, check out our previous blog posts that covers this topic.

Content is King

Content creation is a continuous process. It needs to be timely, relevant and focused on your target market. It should also contribute to your legal expertise and authority.

Social is a shortcut

Being active on Social Media is a great way to both stay visible for your loyal followers but also attract new followers. Your followers are loyal to your brand and you need to stay on their minds. Social Media Marketing also contribute greatly to SEO parameters.

Email Marketing is forever

Staying in touch through email sounds ‘cliché’ but it does work tremendously well. Having a clear email schedule and strategy is critical for creating new opportunities. Email comes in different shapes like ‘scheduled emails’ and ‘event based emails’. Anyways, email still has the highest conversion form all routes out there.

Blog writing

Having a blog is not enough. You need to ‘own’ it and provide regular content to keep it alive. Blogs need to relate to events in the worlds, new regulations and in the case of legal firms a certain level of ‘free advise’. People read blogs as part of their research in the selection process.


SEO is something complex and it is a moving target. It is a continues process to make sure you remain in front of the competition and that your brand is perceived as positive and trustworthy, right from the beginning.

Written by Alexander Gubecka

Experienced digital entrepreneur. I enjoy helping Rodller customers build their Digital marketing strategy. We guide our customers towards excellent digital reputation, lead generation and traffic. Our goal is to bring predictable revenue to our Customers.

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