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We Help You Deploy your Funds In Quality Deals

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We Help You Deploy Your Funds In Quality Deals


“We want to solve two major challenges for our Investor community.
Where to find the next great deal?
How to optimize, standardize and get better reports on my Portfolio performance?”

— Carwin Heierman, Founder

rodller investment process

Deal Sourcing & Funding Gap

Investors need better deals, stay ahead of competition and reduce ‘slippage’ in their processes. They want good ideas, with traction, supported by systematic processes that drive success. They want less Sourcing pain and Deal Screening pain. Sourcing deals is unrewarding labor, repetitive and with questionable results. Rodller solves this problem.

Yes, we are very metrical. But metrics alone won’t allow a full circle successful deal source.
We take multiple ‘due diligence’ roles upon us. Rodller Capital validates the Business Plan, the Founders, the industry, and the vision. We take an operational stand by putting in place their Digital Strategy. We collaborate with the Founders and get to know them really well. We have a set of criteria they need to pass, prior to proposing them to our Investment and VC community. This will save a lot of time for our Investment community, and only those firms with operational Marketing processes and real transaction capabilities are candidates.

rodller funding gap

Because we source deals through our French, German and Singapore office, we are able to provide a wide variety of mandates. We use next generation tech to match the right deal with your mandate. Our Rodller Capital Platform creates a unique navigational experience for those that ‘live’ in the deal sourcing world.
We invite any investor to join our Portal, to grow a strong Investment community, centric to finding great new deals. The Rodller Capital Portal covers all possible mandates.

Portfolio Management & Performance

Industry problem

icon problem

The Startup Industry has still a very high failure rate. Customer acquisition, Fundraising and Application Development are the root causes to this. There is a lack of experience, and Founders struggle to correlate the above into a sound strategy.

On the other side of the spectrum, is the Investor, always looking for the next best deal. Using mostly inbound and manual work, the investor is wasting a lot of intellectual time.

The classical Founders trajectory

classical founders trajectory
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Ideas are nurtured by informal dialogues in environments where mistakes are tolerated and critical thinking is encouraged

icon execution
  • Poor understanding of Branding
  • Poor Marketing Efforts
  • Lack of Funding and a Funding Strategy
  • Poor Management and lack of methodologies
  • Constant underestimation of Tech Development
  • No Consolidated navigation of the Project
  • Lack of Metrics, network and experience

Many Investors struggle to get oversight on their Investment Portfolio. Rodller provides services to improve Marketing, Fundraise and Application Development. We do this tailor made for each Startup. But, we supply all our results, efforts, returns and planning in our unique Rodller Portal. This will allow Investors to standardize their Reporting, Operations and standardization goals. Rodller has the ability to take upon us large operational aspects from Digital Marketing, next round Fundraises and Application Development. We are entirely process based.

app dev processes

Work with us to standardize processes over you Portfolio. Reduce costs, consolidate Operational and KPI reporting. Take a collective stand against inefficiency, hiding in the Portfolio silos. Use the Rodller Delivery Portal to create a clear culture of accountability.

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