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You need to outflank your competition and improve your
Digital Reputation. You need to increase organic traffic,
have more conversions, and build more recurrent revenue.
You need Rodller.

Rodller delivers
Digital Reputation and Trust


Brand Strategy

Your brand identity is your distinct service or product. Rodller helps organizations find the right correlation between your brand, target audience, digital trust and timing.


Digital Marketing

At Rodller we understand the digital touch-points. Understanding these metrics brings you closer to your audience. Rodller helps organizations to better convert, using a maze of ever changing technologies.


Lead Sourcing

61% of B2B marketers name lead generation as one of their biggest challenges. Rodller has the pragmatic tools and processes to connect your Digital Marketing Strategy with your Lead Sourcing.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

We determine and make sure your Brand is still relevant to your buying audience. Rodller can help to due diligence your Brand mission and propose corrective actions. We are able to research and verify the market place in numbers and data. An important part of Brand building is to get an emotional connection with your target audience. Your slogan, your perceived company culture and design, plays a critical role in this.

We convert great ideas and products to a long term emotional connection with your buying audience. Connecting your brand as close as possible to your target audience in terms of emotion, message and design is called
‘Digital Trust’


Digital Marketing 

Rodller helps driving revenue through smart Digital Marketing. We implement processes to drive web-traffic to your site. Rodller has a strong focus on converting traffic into conversations, web demos’ or eCommerce based revenue. Beyond the tangibles such as traffic and conversion, we rely on smart strategies to increase awareness of your brand and build the much needed Digital Reputation.

Using the right design and timely content for your target audience, we can bring relevant traffic to your site. Rodller knows how to build smart strategies, resulting in a high design website, properly calibrated to your target audience. Excellent design, web responsiveness and readable content drives recurrent traffic… and in the end… sales. We calibrate design, content and user experience in such a manner it become highly relevant to your target audience. Rodller helps you to move from ‘having a brand’ to ‘connecting your brand’.

The way a Brand communicates with it’s target audience, creates a perceived ‘Digital Reputation’

Lead Sourcing

Lead generation is a tough sport, and Rodller does this in all continents from Singapore,
Australia, Europe to USA. Combined with our Digital Marketing skills, we have made quite
a difference for many organizations.

Lead generation, if done properly, can make a pivotal change in organizations revenue streams.
Lead Sourcing processes can only be truly successful if the Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing are
perfectly aligned to this mission. Rodller operates the Lead Sourcing and produces the required numbers.
But we also consult organizations on how to build a true Sales Culture.
Since most of the Lead Sourcing processes we do are entirely Digital,
we call this ‘Digital Funnel’. It all makes sense now… Trust, Reputation, Funnel.

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