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Rodller delivers
Digital Reputation and Trust

Design and Reputation

Design and reputation

Rodller has a proven Design Thinking process. We help our Customers to build unprecedented Digital Reputations. We become their trust factory.

Traffic and Conversion

Traffic and conversion

Getting more traffic, targeting the right audience is a science. We combine our experience and past learning curves. Rodller helps organizations to better convert, using a maze of ever changing technologies.

Metrics and Social Marketing

Metrics and Social Marketing

At Rodller we believe in metrics. Our decision matrix is fueled by detailed data and metrics, most of them in real time. We combine targeting and content to come to excellent results.

Digital Design and Reputation

Digital design and reputation

Rodller solves the problem of Digital Marketing. We implement processes to drive web-traffic to your site. We do not stop there. Rodller has a strong focus on converting the traffic in to conversations, web demos’ or credit card based revenue. Beyond the tangibles such as traffic and conversion, we rely on a smart strategy to increase awareness of your brand and build the much needed Digital Reputation. Using the right design and the matching content for your target audience, we can bring relevant traffic to your site. Rodller knows how to build a smart strategy, resulting in a high design website, properly calibrated to your target audience. Proper design, web responsiveness and readable content drives recurrent traffic… and in the end… sales.

Rodller helps you to move from ‘having a brand’ to ‘building a brand’. Getting the positive digital reputation fast, is what Rodller excels in. 

We calibrate design, content and user experience in such a manner it become highly relevant to your target audience.

Traffic and conversion

Rodller designs and operates your SEO strategy. But SEO is only part of an eco-system to get predictable amounts of web traffic and conversions.

We are experts in driving traffic through methodologies and relevant content. Smart targeting and smart content plays a key role in this. We work closely with Founders, CEO or Marketing departments to iron out a long term SEO plan. Provide long term growth strategies with tangible results is a key deliverable of Rodller.

Our ultimate goal is to convert traffic into real conversations, demo’s or credit card transactions. Conversion is on the top list of priorities at Rodller.

Metrics and Social Marketing

Metrics and Social Marketing

Rodller is extremely metric. This means we measure everything. The data we collect is used to optimize our processes but also to target ‘live visitors’ with conversion tactics. We like to bring a culture of metrics to our customers. Metrics are key to insight and will determine the final competitive edge.

Besides the metrics, Rodller has extensive programs to boost your Social Sales. Your brand and offering lives through Social Media and plays a key role in your Digital Reputation. Your offering needs to be enveloped by Digital Reputation and Trust. Without it, your competition will run away with your Business. Social Marketing is a strategic process, with intermediate milestones. We know how to build such strategy and guide you to those milestones.

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