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Expose your Brand

With ADtech, Rodller has the potential to influence your brands. We leverage tech-driven data, which allows marketers to gain a better understanding of target audiences, behaviors, and most of all, the effectiveness of campaigns. The combination of ADtech and Rodller Strategy consulting will provide optimized information to tailor the campaign. Rodller will calibrate the ADtech, resulting in higher engagement and conversions. Rodller ADtech will help automate old legacy processes, reducing manual labor coupled with cost reduction. By using some or a combination of our ADtech we help to identify trends and optimize campaigns in real-time, allowing your brand to stay ahead and remain relevant.

Modernize Customer acquisition

Rodller ADtech can have a significant impact on customer acquisition. Using both Rodller’s research and ADtech combined, we are able to target and reach potential customers more effectively. We will deliver more personalized and engaging digital ads, which can increase the likelihood of a customer taking action. Additionally, Rodller ADtech can provide you with valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing us to tailor our acquisition strategies more accurately.


Rodller ADtech is based on a selective portfolio that creates a combined higher added value. The portfolio sits within a vision of providing Digital Transformation to the World of Digital Marketing.

We care about

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Revenue generation

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Technology simplification

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Our Product Portfolio
reaches different touchpoints.

adzymic product porfolio

What is Adzymic?

Adzymic is a mobile advertising platform that helps brands create, manage and optimize their mobile ad campaigns. It is designed to be user-friendly with tools to help marketers reach their audience, measure their campaigns and optimize their ad spend. Adzymic also provides real-time analytics and reporting, helping brands track and monitor their campaigns.

What is Navigator?

A new and innovative way for you to drive revenue from travelers. Use Navigator to engage your prospective customer, at every stage of their journey. Leverage our unique, first-party data partnerships with airlines and travel organizations, and make sure your brand is always front of mind.