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Raise Capital
for Founders

The Rodller Capital Platform helps Founders to systematize fundraising

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Raise Capital
for Founders

The Rodller Capital Platform helps Founders to systematize fundraising


Save on research

Rodller saves you time on your research in Investment Opportunities: We have sourced Investors by mandate and geography. We know precisely which Investor will have the best match with your Industry and growth goals. We will showcase your pitch deck to a curated network of investors whose interests align with your business. By employing Design Thinking methodologies and strategic validation checkpoints, we transform your vision into practical and easy to understand Investment Presentations. Our expertise spans across eCommerce, Fintech, IoT, and workflow optimization, ensuring that your project receives the attention it deserves.

Investment Deck Guidance

We learned from our venture capital fundraising processes. Rodller has collected feedback from over 100’s of Pitch Deck meetings with Investors. We have been able to create the most optimized Investment Deck. This Template deck will force our Founders to not miss key components and it will make the entire presentation easier to digest for Investors. The deck remains a key component of the startup funding process.


It’s the Network, stupid

Rodller believes in Network, relations and all positive spinoff around these human processes. It is part of the recruiting Venture Capital firms. But we want to Industrialize these processes and expose Founders and their ideas to a wide scope of Investors. We bring datapoints together, using tech, data and human skills. Like this we help Lean Startups expose their ideas to Venture Capital Firms, more efficiently.

Community driven

Rodller is more than just a static network for Investors and Founders to look into datapoints and ‘returns’. Rodller has relationships with Investors and Founders alike. We build communities with Investors and Founders that are in the same Industry Vertical. The Rodller team will ensure that your company stays top-of-mind and that investors know that you’re still interested in working with them

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We expose Startups to our Fortune 2000 Customers

We have a refined Consulting offering for Fortune 2000 firms. We help Innovation and Sustainability managers to transition to new targets. We expose to these organizations our Startups, as a resource of innovation. These are not Investors, but actual potential Customers.

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Connecting the dots between Fundraising and Smart Marketing

Digital Marketing is an important part of fundraising for a startup. You need to make sure that potential investors know about your startup and its goals. Rodller can help build Digital Trust. This is a concept that relates to the confidence that Investors have in the security, accuracy, and reliability of Startups. Building this trust needs to partly take place through Digital Marketing. This can be done through advertising, social media campaigns and other means that Rodller can offer.

We Know How to Build Investment Decks

At Rodller we believe the Investment Deck quality is critical in the entire Process. Your investment deck is used to present your company’s potential as an investment opportunity. It should include detailed information about the company, including its financials, market analysis, competitive landscape, and growth strategy. It is used to convince potential investors of the company’s potential. Rodller has designed a unique template that will enforce the way your Business is presented. It will also help Founders to present the numbers in a pragmatic and easy to understand manner.

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The Rodller Platform

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The Rodller Fundraising Platform brings an eco-system of benefit.

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Rodller will instantly provide access to a wider range of Investors

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Increased Visibility right from the onboarding on the Rodller Platform

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Cost and time savings

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Better and more targeted engagements with Investors

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Speed. Rodller is a refined process allowing things to happen faster then the traditional way.


The Rodller Capital Portal is a component of the entire Digital Rodller Portal. Our goal is to use tech to match Investors to the right Founders, using a mandate matrix approach.

Rodller Capital is only accessible by Rodller approved Investors. These Investors have been through due diligence and Rodller has documented their mandates. The majority of the Investors are VC’s, Family Offices and Institutional Investors. The Portal allows listings of pre-approved investment deals, vetted by the Rodller Investment team. Only those deals that are relevant to the Investors mandate, will be presented to the individual Investors.

In the scenario an Investor runs into an interesting deal, he/she can click deeper to get more parameters on the Founder, marketplace, the ask and valuation. If on that 2nd click, if the Deal is still interesting, the Investor can download the Deck and any compliance documents if available. The final step would be to click on the green button and book a Pitch call with the Founder. In between all these steps, the allocated Rodller Investment Manager is always available to provide additional details on the Deal.



The Rodller Portal enjoys excellent security and is hosted on Azur Cloud. We do regular Pen tests and all users on the Portal have been verified. No user can self-onboard, it’s by invitation only. Our Investors and Customers are consuming this Portal from all over the Globe.