5 major benefits of a strong brand

5 major benefits of a strong brand

It’s all about perception. Building a brand is about building a Customer perception. This perception is a mix of product/services features, overall company reputation and of course trust. At Rodller we like to call it Digital Trust. Your Brand is, in a way, like your own personality. The way you look at your Brand all depends on the angle you take…Classically we define 3 point of views:

A: The way the founders perceive their Brand

B: The way Customers perceive the founders Brand

C: The Founders perception on how their Customers perceive their Brand

There is always a delta between vision A and C at Founders or Senior Management. But if that delta is very large, it would be a major issue.  So, Rodller not only builds Brands, it also helps fix the huge problem that comes out of statement C.

There is a lot to be said about Brands. The concept (and budgets!) of Brands like Coca Cola or McDonald’s does not apply to those that do their transactions fully Digital and remotely. But the fact they carry a perception, remains of course, the key element of a Brand. In this blog we highlight only 5 of the many statemens that comes with brands. Let’s say these are the pragmatic bullet points that Rodller feels surrounds a Brand.


Branding stands for recognition, trust and serves as an icon in potentially competitor landscapes. If a Brand is perceived as highly trustworthy, price becomes less of an issue. Also, Digital Trust plays in these days a pivotal role in purchase decisions.

Predictable revenue

If done properly, Branding can contribute to the much needed predictable revenue. People are creatures of habit, and once your Brand is on their mind, it can drive tremendous recurrent revenue. Excellent Branding can lead to incredible loyalty. Obviously, to get to this point of loyalty, your Brand needs to send a clear and ‘easy to grasp message’ that connects to the emotion of individuals.

Icon of trust

A Brand is a baseline. Think of it as the constitution of the organization. I states the key values, the key benefits and, mostly, the key audience you wish to target. Excellent Branding also beholds a layer of social responsibility and eco-friendliness. In other words, a Brand should speak it’s values. The brand and it’s logo, should trigger an instant emotion and a sense of trust at both loyal Customers and potential new ones. 

Connecting the Brand with Digital Marketing

Organization encounter difficult and complex issues in their Digital Marketing because their Brand was never treated as a fundamental part of their communication strategy. A lack of though processes around Branding can lead to pour Digital Marketing. If the Brand is properly ironed out, Digital Marketing can be better calibrated to the Brand strategy. The Digital Marketing ‘tone’ and targeting should be determined by the ‘Branding constitution’.

Connecting the Brand with Lead Sourcing

Without a strong Brand, Lead Sourcing can become a tough game. In today’s Lead Sourcing, Digital Trust, Reputation and ‘Google search’ perception dominates. Building conversations, a sales pipeline and getting traction with out bound Lead Sourcing, does require a strong Brand to back it up. Organizations need to build a Brand Strategy and to benefit from more credibility in your Lead Sourcing campaigns.

Your Brand determines all your Marketing efforts. The Website, Video, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and overall identity all comes down to the core Brand. It is critical to always connect Brand with Digital Marketing and Lead Sourcing. It should be seen as one single process.

Written by Rodller Team

Rodller is based out of Monaco and Bratislava. We are a team of specialists that take pride in launching new Digital ideas. We want to bring value to our Customers by connecting the dots between PPC, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywrite, SEO, content marketing, design and Digital PR.

With Rodller, you get a team of Digital Marketing experts, Digital Processes, Designers, Content writers and Project expertise at the fraction of the costs. Rodller knows how to build Digital trust, create inbound traffic, optimize conversion and monitor progress.

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