High end Application Development for Startups

Rodller provides high end Application Development for Start-ups in both pre-funding stage and post-funding stage. We are addicted to Startups and their continuous stream of new and fresh ideas.

We support start ups in their Application Design Thinking process as well as the MVP realization. We have the senior ability to understand your Business case and vision. With refined methodologies we will work towards your first MVP. We use Design Thinking processes with smart validation points to convert vision to real terrain usable (mobile) Applications. We have deep experience in eCommerce, Fintech, IoT and overall Workflows.


Design Thinking


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Raijin Technologies

Raijin Technologies is a business that builds better businesses.

We are born out of the frustration of the current software development industry where tailored systems represented an operational nightmare: often too complex to maintain and improve and with true business alignment usually left out of the picture. With the right technology and business value-driven process, we can tackle challenging problems or objectives and help you change the world. Agile is at the heard of our equation. We harness digital technology and constantly challenge and redefine the notions of product and process to achieve business innovation.

A testament to our approach: today, we have bases in 5 countries and have served – and continue working with- companies in over 13 different countries. Locations: Paris, Montréal, Singapore, Jakarta, Hanoi, (more N.A. and E.U. locations coming soon…)


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