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Brand Building

Brand Building

Building a robust icon in the marketplace is not a task, but a process. For the Brand to thrive, it needs continuous actions.

Brand definition

Many organizations focus on the mission statement. But that is how founders perceive the story. The Brand stands for what Customers see and believe. 

Brand emotion

Rodller helps connecting the brand with the target audience. We use nifty design, language, content and other means as video, to convey the emotional connection.

Brand consensus

We help founders to find consensus among themselves and their directors on what the brand should stand for. We can give an objective view on both your current brand perception and what it could be.

Brand culture

Organizations struggle to define a clear ‘culture statement’ for their Brand. We help organizations find the right slogan and identity, reflecting their culture and the connection to the target audience.

Brand research

Rodller has nifty processes to quickly report on your Digital presence and your Digital competitive situation.


Organic search, SEO

Rodller designs and operates your SEO strategy. But SEO is only part of an eco-system to get predictable amounts of web traffic and conversions. We work closely with Founders, CEO or Marketing departments to iron out a long term SEO plan. 

Traffic conversions

We are experts in driving traffic through methodologies and relevant content. Smart targeting and smart content plays a key role in this. We use next generation convention tools.


Rodller is extremely metric. This means we measure everything. The data we collect is used to optimize our processes but also to target ‘live visitors’ with conversion tactics. We like to bring a culture of metrics to our customers. Metrics are key to insight and will determine the final competitive edge.

Social Marketing

Rodller has extensive programs to boost your Social Sales. Your brand and offering lives through Social Media and plays a key role in your Digital Reputation. Your offering needs to be enveloped by Digital Reputation and Trust. Social Marketing is a strategic process, with intermediate milestones. We know how to build such strategies, measure it and improve it.

Digital Advertising

Rodller is black belt in the practice of delivering content to users through various online and digital channels. We use the many routes available and also keep backlinks on our mind.

Paid Search

Advertising your brand and products can be very effective. Rodller will advise and execute on this process, always staying within your budget.

WordPress Development

Designing websites, and executing these in WordPress is a commodity task for us. We can effectively help founders and C levels stakeholders define the design, the flow and the content, prior to building it in WordPress. Rodller has a refined Design Thinking methodology.


Intranets, Customer portals, Transactional portals and E-commerce are all part of the Rodller in house technical skills. It includes validation, design, workflow and testing. 


Building traffic

Generating web traffic (potential buyers) to your site is a long term process that requires a golden mix of content, content placement, back-links and much more. Rodller has excellent methodologies to increase conversations, in a tangible and measurable way. We love data. We know how to get the metrics and turn it into insight, to benefit continuous optimization. More conversations, demo’s and presentations means a better sales funnel.


We are experts in driving traffic through methodologies and relevant content. Smart targeting and smart content plays a key role in this.


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