What is Lead Generation and why is it critical to your Business?

What is Lead Generation and why is it critical to your Business?

Rodller helps organizations building their revenue pipeline. There should be an eco-systems of actions taken, as a continuous process, to get to the revenue goals. Lead generation is not a simple outreach and booking meetings. At Rodller we look at lead generation as a refined end to end process to make it to the point of revenue. Holistically speaking, a few key ‘blocks’ need to be put in place and maintained.

Firstly, we need to make sure the website is supporting the business goals. The website should serve as an engine of trust and a conversion machine. What good is it, if generating traffic, does not lead to real conversations (conversions)? Getting the website calibrated for lead generation is a fine and nifty task. It involves clear definition of Business goals, excellent content, respecting SEO, and finally it needs to have the ‘technical’ SEO elements in place. Never go into your lead generation processes, if the website is not ready for conversion and Digital Trust.

Once the baseline (website) is good, you can focus on in- and outbound lead generation. Inbound lead generation is mostly content driven and requires a long-term thought process. The inbound lead generation is very much related to the quality of your website, content and overall content placement. It is here where SEO would make a pivotal difference. Inbound lead generation is a complex process, but if done properly, has the longest and most impactful result.

Website, SEO and inbound lead generation are all very closely connected. It can be seen as one ecosystem of tasks that have a strong synergy. At Rodller we offer solutions to solve problems related to each individual topic; website, SEO and inbound lead generation. Nevertheless, we will always prefer to strategize around all 3 topics as one methodology.

Outbound lead generation often is perceived as a more tangible way to get leads going. Email campaigns, LinkedIn outreach, and other means of connecting to your target audience. With outbound lead generation it is always up to you to choose who, where and when we reach out.

There was a brief period where marketeers would argue that outbound lead generation would become inferior to inbound lead generation. This is not accurate. It is the combination of Website, SEO, inbound together with a structural outbound strategy that brings in the success.

This blog is only a blueprint of the action items that are needed to get a flow of leads and conversations going. For now, we skip the importance of digital trust, video marketing, social media reputation building, PR and timing of announcements. Critical topics are also kept out of scope such as paid advertisement and back link strategies. That is an entire different topic al together.

Nevertheless, we do need to highlight one more topic to this blog. In essence, Rodller helps organizations to grow their digital processes. The net result is in leads, conversations, meetings and proposals. When the funnel grows, you need to make sure that all your Digital efforts are not gone to waste due to poor sales…. The transition between Digital Culture and Sales Culture is critical.

Conversion Funnel

Rodller also helps organizations to put in place the connection between Digital and Sales culture.

Written by Rodller Team

Rodller is based out of Monaco and Bratislava. We are a team of specialists that take pride in launching new Digital ideas. We want to bring value to our Customers by connecting the dots between PPC, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywrite, SEO, content marketing, design and Digital PR.

With Rodller, you get a team of Digital Marketing experts, Digital Processes, Designers, Content writers and Project expertise at the fraction of the costs. Rodller knows how to build Digital trust, create inbound traffic, optimize conversion and monitor progress.

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