The role of Marketing during the fundraise

The role of Marketing during the fundraise

The role of marketing during a fundraise is to create awareness of the company, its product or service, and the fundraising opportunity. The idea is to create good Digital Trust and make sure the perception of your Brand is positive, by Customers and Investors alike.

We need to create a compelling story. A refined powerful story that resonates with your target Investors and emphasizes the importance of your cause. The story, the vision, need to be very clear and precise in all this. Reach out to influencers. Identify and connect with influential people who can help spread the word about your fundraising campaign Promote your fundraising campaign on social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, and other digital platforms. But do it refined, and with finesse.

Cut corners. Use organizations like Rodller to convert your Fundraising from ad hoc to a clear process. Use all the existing relationships in Rodller to convey your story better and to a more precise investor audience. Organize Webinars and save time and think more in ‘bulk’. Hosting a fundraising event can attract more attention to your cause. Try to have a more ‘neutral’ host to this set up. Utilize email marketing. Reach out in big numbers to find the right Investor Partner. Rodller has access to thousands of Investors, and will only address those that have provided the right mandate.

Use a refined eco-system of Marketing tools to boost your online reputation and trust. At Rodller we refer to this as a true asset, Digital Trust. Digital trust to investors is the level of credibility, reliability and security investors have in Founders, based on online research. It is related to the level of trust investors have in the Founder, story, marketplace, timing and other aspects of the digital trust process. It is important for investors to have confidence in Founders, both in real life as well as online.

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Rodller ( provides Digital Marketing, Fundraising, and Application Development Services. With offices in Singapore and France, we serve both Startups and Fortune 2000 firms. We use a next-generation Portal to combine the use cases of Digital Marketing, Fundraising, and Application Development in tangible processes.

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Rodller is based out of Monaco and Bratislava. We are a team of specialists that take pride in launching new Digital ideas. We want to bring value to our Customers by connecting the dots between PPC, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywrite, SEO, content marketing, design and Digital PR.

With Rodller, you get a team of Digital Marketing experts, Digital Processes, Designers, Content writers and Project expertise at the fraction of the costs. Rodller knows how to build Digital trust, create inbound traffic, optimize conversion and monitor progress.

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