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There is a funding gap in the capital market. Founders and entrepreneurs are struggling to effectively raise funding for pre-seed, seed, and Series A. It consumes time, energy and can result in ‘funding fatigue’. On the other hand, many Angel investors, Seed investors, and VCs find it hard to quantify a good investment and tend to maintain one methodology for all. Rodller wants to reduce the funding gap by providing a good connection between Founder and Investor.

We make sure there is a metrical, cultural, and risk mitigation synergy. We take away the heavy lifting in the processes for both Founders and Investors. To make capital flow effectively, we use a technology Platform where Founders and Investors can meet. We provide a specific data room methodology and work with clear milestones. We strive for better and faster transactions in the capital market. The true value is that the Founder gets to express him/herself, and the Investor gets a good return at as low risk as possible. Rodller is not an investment firm, it provides advice to Founders and Investors.

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‘’We help Founders find the right investor. We
help investors save time and invest in startups
with a validated Marketing culture.’’

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Rodller helps organizations in their fundraising efforts. This does not only go through our network of investors but also through hands-on processes to prepare the MVP, the Digital Strategy as well as doing full due diligence on the Business Plan. We help evaluate and prepare your pitch.

Nevertheless, we feel the ingredients for a successful raise are beyond just industry, product, and founders. A big chunk is now in the ‘capability to execute’ when it comes down to Brand, Digital, and Lead Sourcing.

Rodller will make sure you have the right calibrated story, we will optimize your marketing efforts and the dollar spend that goes with it. Our Investor community understands that Brand, Digital Marketing, and Lead Sourcing/Sales, is some of the key pillars of success. We represent that part of the process with the Rodller methodologies.

Our main mission is to grow revenue at our Customers.

In line with this mission, we grow brands through reputation, trust, and pragmatic lead sourcing. We are a team of specialists that take pride in launching new Digital ideas and providing Digital Services. We want to bring value to our customers by connecting the dots between Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Lead Sourcing. In some cases, we are part of our Customers’ Board, the CEO brainstorm team or fundraising processes.

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Interested to work with Rodller to ramp up a process to get your first or
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For every 1,000 leads a VC fund looks at, it’ll invest in maybe five ventures. Many Founders are struggling to see the dark side of their own ideas, and are often not being challenged. They are victims of their own tunnel vision. We help investors to strike promising deals, with less time spent and reduced risk. 

We take multiple ‘due diligence’ roles upon us. We validate the Business Plan, the industry, and the vision. We take an operational stand by putting in place their Digital Strategy. We collaborate with the Founders and get to know them really well. We have a set of criteria they need to pass, prior to proposing them to our Investment and VC community. This will save a lot of time for our Investment community, and only those firms with operational Marketing processes and real transaction capabilities are candidates. This is not only good for the investor but also good for the Founder. Last but not least, we will challenge the Founders and we will only shortlist what we think is the right investment for our investors’ community.

Below you can see a typical process for onboarding a new Startup or Organization

Venture selection process

Rodller Venture selection process

Most VCs or investors identify startups from a range of sources including accelerators, incubators, universities, angel groups, advisors, investor networks, and investment personal connections. Think of Rodller as an easy-to-use Portal where all Candidates are listed that past the initial ‘Rodller’ criteria. 

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