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Rodller Capital use smart processes to help raise funds

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Digital Marketing, Fundraising and Application Development are not available as one synergy. Founders struggle to systematize and Consolidate these 3 mission Statements in one single process and progression Dashboard. Rodller provides Tech, Consulting and Services to further optimize the success of a fundraise. Founders tend to work in silos and drive unproductive out-of-sync processes. Rodller solves this problem.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing



Application development

Application Development

Rodller helps organizations in their fundraising efforts. This does not only go through our network of investors but also through hands-on processes to prepare the MVP, the Digital Strategy as well as doing full due diligence on the Business Plan. We help evaluate and prepare your pitch.

What do you get?

  • Access to the Rodller Capital Portal with hundreds of Investors and their mandates
  • Deck & valuation review
  • Notification to Mandated investors, Scorecard Test, etc
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We feel the ingredients for a successful raise are beyond just industry, product, timing and founders. A big chunk is now in the ‘capability to execute’ when it comes down to Brand, Digital, Application Development and Fundraising. Rodller provides the unique correlation between these 3 key components as below:

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Rodller will make sure Founders have the right calibrated story, we will optimize your marketing efforts and the dollar spend that goes with it. Our Investor community understands that Brand, Digital Marketing, and Application Development, is some of the key pillars of success. We represent that part of the process with the Rodller methodologies.

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‘’The Rodller Capital Division is focused on helping Founders at Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A or B to raise Capital. Not only Capital plays a role here. Matching the right Investor also needs to be a strategic match’’

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Carwin Heierman

Carwin Heierman
Rodller Founder

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Founders will find in Rodller great optimization processes in investment relations, deck presentations and investment outreach

Visit our Rodller Capital Investment Portal page to learn how we use Tech to better
match Investors with Founders.

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