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INSIDE is a premier Interior Design company that focuses on delivering exceptional, contemporary designs for high-end spaces. Founded by two passionate enthusiasts in the field of Interior Architecture and Design – Eric SIMONNET and Luc DE VEIGY, the company represents a remarkable synergy of talent. With one member being a CFAI-certified Interior Designer and the other an esteemed Specialist in Ergonomics, they combine their expertise to create inspiring interior design projects. Their approach entails not only a creative vision for your spaces but also a seamless integration of ergonomic solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Inside Monaco



The Challenge

INSIDE Monaco faces the challenges of meeting demanding, affluent clients’ expectations in a competitive market. They must optimize space in a limited area, adhere to local regulations, and balance luxury with sustainability. Sourcing high-quality materials can be challenging, and managing project timelines while respecting diverse cultural preferences is essential. Despite these obstacles, INSIDE can demonstrate their expertise and creativity to deliver exceptional interior designs for their exclusive clientele.

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The Solution

INSIDE Monaco turned to Rodller because they recognized the value of Rodller’s diverse services and expertise in fundraising, digital marketing, and corporate innovation. By partnering with Rodller, INSIDE gains access to a refined deal sourcing engine, enabling them to connect with potential investors and secure capital for expansion. Rodller’s digital marketing capabilities also help INSIDE enhance its online presence and attract a broader clientele. Moreover, Rodller’s focus on corporate innovation provides opportunities for INSIDE to explore partnerships with established companies, bringing their luxury interior design expertise to the corporate world.

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The Result

With Rodller’s support, INSIDE Monaco achieves expanded reach, capital growth, and efficient project execution. They integrate innovative and sustainable designs, establish lucrative corporate collaborations, and enhance their reputation as a leading luxury interior design firm. The partnership with Rodller elevates INSIDE Monaco’s success and customer-centric approach, setting new standards in the industry.

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