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How Hilbert Capital moved from “no Brand”
to a leader in the Digital Asset industry.

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How Hilbert Capital moved from “no Brand” to a leader in the Digital Asset industry.


Hilbert Capital is a new player in the Digital Asset market place. It had no digital presence and no Brand footprint. With COVID19 in play, it needed to re-invent and out compete the way transactions would be established.

The classical networking, as it was common in the Private Equity market, would not function the same as it ‘has always been’. It was clear that a pure Digital Strategy was needed for Brand reputation and trust.

Digital Marketing actions would have to dominate the entire Marketing mindset, and finally, building conversations had to be done through a full Digital Lead Sourcing methodology.

Hilbert Capital


Rodller applied it’s 3 step approach.

Digital Strategy

The Brand identity, meaning the content and design, had to connect to the target audience. Both in terms of pragmatic content and value proposition, as well as emotional connection to the brand. Building a reputation of trust and authority in Digital Assets was a critical part of the process. This was covered through our ‘Design Thinking’ process, where we combine content and design into one single vision. 

Once we have anchored the brand, we could focus on creating a hype around Hilbert Capital brand. Rodller unleashed it’s processes and methodologies. A vast scope was covered including Blog, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and backlinking. We bonded the Brand and Digital Marketing with a very high quality corporate video. This video was a great tool to build reputation and trust, through different Social Media routes.

Finally, we placed our Lead Sourcing processes. The Rodller approach is to get as many qualified conversations as possible with the right target audience. We felt comfortable doing this, since our Branding and Digital Marketing would contribute to this process, in terms of trust and conversion.


Obviously, the Hilbert Capital brand became very quickly an icon in the chaos of Google searches. It is an identifiable brand contributing to trust. 

Hilbert Capital

Active Users Report

Reporting Graph

The current flow of leads, conversations and transactions are above and beyond expectations. A steady flow of conversations has helped Hilbert Capital to build a firm pipeline, working towards predictable revenue.

Hilbert Capital


By providing an eco-system of Digital Marketing tools and processes Rodller was able to propel Hilbert Capital quickly into this growth market. Nevertheless, Design Thinking and challenging the Brand identity, was a critical part of the preparation. We have now ironed out the Lead Sourcing process resulting near unlimited conversations. In the near future we will focus on more and smart content and influencer marketing to further drive the Brand Reputation.

Niclas Sandstrom, CEO
Hilbert Capital

Niclas Sandstrom

We could not be happier with the service Rodller has provided to us. This ranges from website design and construction to video production and putting together and implementing a marketing strategy. Rodller has a broad skill-set and approach problems in a structured way. We will continue to work with them on existing and new projects in the future. It is easy to highly recommend Rodller.