How Digital Reputation will dominate 2020

How Digital Reputation will dominate 2020

Rodller helps organizations refine their Digital Reputation. This Digital Reputation is made out of what customer perceive of your brand. This includes anything that can be found online about your brand, website, articles, guest posts, social network profiles, customers reviews. By simply doing some searches and browsing, potential prospects create their own perception of your brand, your reputation and trust level.

Roller’s expertise is to make sure that perception is as positive and relevant as possible to your brand.

Before we analyze the concept of digital reputation, let’s take a look at the statistics. Did you know that the average website visitor spends a total of 40 seconds on any website? These 40 seconds will determine if you can be trusted or not.

Let’s not focus on early leavers. We don’t want to forget them but let’s talk first about lower percentage of people that actually stays on the website for 2 minutes or more. What will they do? How will they check you out? What do they want to find out about you? How can we help them become customers? A positive out come is mostly in what you have done on efforts towards Digital Reputation.

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Go to 17th floor!
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Your Website needs to be high design

First of all your website needs to be usable. This means that if a customer comes to the website he or she needs to find the information it’s looking for. In other words, you can’t let website visitors think. Take a look at this real life example of elevator buttons and you will get an instant idea of what I’m talking about. Passengers in elevators have to think. That’s poor user experience.

Website needs to be fast and reliable!

If you have only 40 seconds for presenting yourself, image half of that time goes to page loading. If your website is slow, visitors will just lose their patient and leave. Let’s take an even worse scenario, if the website is slow they might blame the internet speed but if something is not working or it’s misaligned or elements are overlapping each other, visitor will leave. That customer is lost.

Create a connection between website and its visitors

Once your users have found an information he was looking for, he will move to checking you (the owner) out or your company. This is why almost all the websites have about us page. The best way to achieve digital trust is by creating a personal vibe. Explain who you are, who your colleges are, what is your mission, how you can help and how did you help other customers in the past.

Build Digital Reputation by being active on Social Media.

Good job, your website visitor is almost convinced and ready to leave his/her contact details. But just to be sure that his/her contact details are going to be used the right way. He will go and check out brand presents and social media. If your digital presence is poor and potential customers don’t see you on Google Maps, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and rating platforms like Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, CrunchBase, etc. they may think that it’s some kind of fraud or simply that you are not a serious player.

Now that we know the average customer journey. We can start building digital reputation by being active in all fields. Constantly looking for improvements and keeping content up to date. When this part is done properly and proactively you will build a strong reputation and have a huge brand awareness. Which will bring more sales and increasing number of new customers.

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