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We help large organizations to transform, by using Startup and innovation thought processes

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We help large organizations to transform, by using Startup and innovation thought processes

We care about

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Revenue generation

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Technology simplification

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Revenue Generation

Rodller provides revenue generation consulting for large organizations. Our Corporate Innovation processes get involved in helping identify and develop new sources of revenue. Using our offices in Singapore and Paris in tandem, we explore new markets and suggest new products and services. We also find ways to leverage existing customer relationships and find new customers, using the Rodller Digital Marketing processes. Rodller Corporate Innovation is at point in developing a strategy for growth, analyzing markets in Europe and Asia, and optimizing price-to-sales processes. Rodller Corporate Innovation provides marketing, branding, and customer management.

Cost reduction

A critical component for many C-Level decision makers. Rodller Corporate Innovation helps organizations streamline their processes and operations to reduce expenses and increase efficiency. Breaking the status quo and being objective allows us to find alternative suppliers, change purchasing processes, reduce overhead costs, or streamline processes. Most costs are hidden, so a proper due diligence will often result in solutions such as automation, cloud computing, or outsourcing to further reduce costs.

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Technology simplification

Large organizations have complex technology stacks that can be difficult to manage and maintain. Overlapping Applications can drive unnecessary complexity and hidden costs. The Rodller Application Rationalization process can help organisations streamline their technology stack, identify areas of improvement, and develop strategies to reduce cost and complexity. We analyse existing technology architectures and identify opportunities to reduce complexity and improve efficiency. We also develop strategies for migrating to new technology systems, creating roadmaps for modernizing existing systems, and designing new systems that are easier to maintain. Thanks to the Rodller Startup Sourcing processes, we always have access to the latest Tech on the market.


The Rodller productivity consulting for organizations involves helping corporate executives and teams analyze processes and procedures. Rodller Corporate Innovation identifies areas of improvement and develops action plans to increase efficiency and output. Because we analyze workflows, time management, and workplace factors we are able to identify areas for improvement in productivity. We state the problem, but we also have the ability to provide guidance on how to transition. We save organizations money, increase output, and improve employee satisfaction.


Revenue, cost reduction, tech simplification and productivity are rooted in many areas of the Business.
Some are ready for steep improvements.
Discover the key areas we work in.

Digital transformationArtificial intelligence/machine learningCustomer experience and engagementAgile methodologies and practices
Sustainability and environmental impactCybersecurity and data privacyTalent management/employee engagementRemote work and virtual teams
Supply chain and logistics optimizationDiversity, equity, and inclusionBlockchain technology and applicationsIndustry 4.0 and smart manufacturing
Change management/organizational cultureBusiness model innovationBig data analytics and business intelligenceLean management and process optimization
Design thinking/human-centered innovationRisk management and crisis responseMergers and acquisitionsProduct innovation and development
Marketing strategy and brand managementCompetitive analysis and market researchKnowledge management and collaborationStrategic planning and execution
Social media and digital marketingIntellectual property and patent strategyGovernance and complianceCorporate social responsibility/ethical business
Outsourcing and offshoringFinancial management/investment strategy
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