Connecting the dots between Digital Marketing and Sales Culture

Rodller provides Digital Marketing services. But what does Digital Marketing mean? The definition of Digital Marketing has actually changed over time. But first, we need to find out how Rodller looks at Digital Marketing. You may discover we see things differently than the mainstream view out there.

Vision is the foundation of Digital Marketing

If you look at Digital Marketing from a commodity perspective it can be simplified to a long list of key building blocks. The known suspects in Digital Marketing are SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. Each individual ‘block’ is a route to achieve it’s individual goal. The problem we see is that often these ‘blocks’ are put into action with their own ‘mini goals’. Every set of actions would get its measurements such as clicks or open emails. But going through this without vision makes organizations battle ineffective in the Digital Marketing field. Even worse, they may not realize it.

Rethink your brand perception and digital trust

The root cause is not in the Customer’s strategy. It is the Customer’s Digital Marketing provider that often applies ABC’s versus doing a profound strategic due diligence. At Rodller we feel that ‘clicks’ and ‘opens’ are flat data sets. We also want to define other success criteria such as Digital Trust and brand perception. Brands are living things and they continuously need to evolve, both in terms of positioning, as well as Digital Marketing techniques. These ‘techniques’ are in tooling, next generation advertising or simply breaking from old traditions. Another spectrum is in content marketing, which is by far the most important one.  

Rodller helps organizations to set clear Digital goals and to think in a more digital manner. Instead of offering a set of services, we actually build a culture of Digital at organizations. We transfer knowledge. But it does not stop there.

Connect the dots between Digital Marketing culture and Sales culture

Building a culture of Digital is one thing, but it must be connected with often an entire different culture: the Sales culture. At Rodller we connect the 2 cultures because it is of the outmost importance. We make sure that all the Digital Marketing efforts are properly correlated to the Sales goals and the sales methodologies in place. We assist in bringing clean digital flows, all the way from Lead generation, conversion into the sales funnel.

Rodller Pre and Post Conversion Funnel

The picture illustrates the flow clearly. The blue and the green is the Digital Marketing culture that Rodller provides. For those in need we also set up the full Sales Culture. On the sales front we help with processes and defining sales accountability.

It is critical to tie everything into the Digital Marketing Strategy. The number one route of brand development is now Digital. This has been the case for many years, but after this COVID period, Digital got another boost. We see many use cases where ‘old fashioned’ Business models have gone completely Digital. So, from a macro perspective, organizations can no longer fall behind in having a Digital Strategy and having the ability to execute. Competition is also on this ‘thought-process’ and only the fastest that adopt to this new game plan, will overcome. 

We see different Digital Marketing starting points. Some have no strategy at all, some are stuck on old processes, some do ok, but do not correlate it to sales processes. No matter your scenario, you need to get Digital Marketing in gear. And no, it’s not a list of SEO tasks or fancy website. It requires some deep thought on company strategy, vision and goals.

You need to outflank your competition and improve your Digital Reputation. You need to increase organic traffic, have more conversions and build more recurrent revenue. You need Rodller.

Written by Rodller Team

Rodller is based out of Monaco and Bratislava. We are a team of specialists that take pride in launching new Digital ideas. We want to bring value to our Customers by connecting the dots between PPC, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywrite, SEO, content marketing, design and Digital PR.

With Rodller, you get a team of Digital Marketing experts, Digital Processes, Designers, Content writers and Project expertise at the fraction of the costs. Rodller knows how to build Digital trust, create inbound traffic, optimize conversion and monitor progress.

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