Job Title: Digital Marketing Specialist/Manager

Job Type: Full Time/Remote

Job description:

  • Being an expert in all things in relation to Advertising and Campaign.
  • Assist in development of overall digital marketing strategy
  • Involve in setting up, managing and optimizing campaigns to display ads and retargeting across verticals
    such as SEM, display advertising, social media, affiliate marketing, content discovery platforms, etc.
  • Execution of ads creative creation and placement on various platforms.
  • Evaluating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of all existing marketing channels to determine and make
    necessary adjustments to optimize marketing effectiveness and efficiency
  • Manage ad placement, target relevant interests and topics with use of data analytic tools and reports
  • Improving Advertising processes and mechanics to drive effectiveness and performance
  • Liaising with internal stakeholders to align Advertising mechanics, strategies and goals.
  • Existing inventory/product listings – working with the wider teams to ensure existing information is
    accurate and updated in a timely manner

Requirements / Competencies:

  • 3 to 4 years of experience as a Web/Digital Project Manager or Senior Project Executive, either in Consulting
    or in a Web Agency or in a Digital team.
  • Wide-scale APAC experience in digital marketing advertisement campaign will be super good to have.
  • Good stakeholder management skills and liaising with a number of stakeholders.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects/campaigns at a time while paying strict attention to structure and detail
  • Strong problem-solving skills – able to exhaustively and comprehensively break down problems in a structured manner
  • Excellent listener, verbal and written communicator
  • Hungry to learn and hardworking
  • Organized, Structured and Meticulous

Rodller is based out of Slovakia, Bratislava, Monaco and Singapore. Our main mission is to grow revenue at our Customers. In line with
this mission we grow brands through reputation, trust and pragmatic lead sourcing. We are a team of specialists that take pride in
launching new Digital ideas and providing Digital Services. We want to bring value to our customers by connecting the dots between
Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing and Lead Sourcing.

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