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Application Development & IT Processes

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Application Development & IT Processes

the CIO agenda

We want to provide a component approach to all aspects of IT and Transformation. It is the speed, innovation, and Human Capital that allow complex organizations to transform. We provide all these elements. There is a huge pressure on CIOs to keep pace with tech Consumer changes and the adoption of new tech. Notwithstanding, the competition is always there. At Rodller, we have the ability to maintain legacy Platforms and transition them to the ‘great new’. We support cornerstone techs such as Cloud, Data & Analytics, AI & ML, and IoT. Rodller has the unique capability to challenge Senior Management and provide a ‘ready to go’ talent pool to execute. Our talent pools are split into multidisciplinary teams, that represent our fundamental ‘component’ approach to execution.
The future of anything IT is about creating an eco-system around your processes. We want to be part of your ecosystem, where you can switch Rodller on or off, depending on requirements and needs. It is important to understand that Rodller also provides Digital Marketing, Fundraising, and Application Development to Startups, allowing us to look at things with an entrepreneurial spirit. We also have continuous insight into the latest tech evolutions in the marketplace, thanks to our Startup Customers. Welcome to Rodller!

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Customer Management

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Mobile App

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Consumer Portal Developments

Rodller Application Development is a-typical. The methodologies, the capability to execute, and the seniority of Management make the pivotal change. By design, Rodller Application Development is stepping out the evolution of classical outsourcing and is re-inventingDevelopment processes that fit better with the new area of quality demands.

How is the Development and
Outsourcing marketplace evolving?

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High end Application Development for Start-ups

Rodller provides high-end Application Development for start-up in both the pre-funding stage and post-funding stage. We are addicted to Startups and their continuous stream of new and fresh ideas.
We support start-ups in their Application Design Thinking process as well as the MVP realization. We have the senior ability to understand your Business case and vision. With refined methodologies, we will work towards your first MVP. We use Design Thinking processes with smart validation points to convert vision to real terrain usable (mobile) Applications. We have deep experience in eCommerce, Fintech, IoT, and overall Workflows.

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Our Philosophy

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