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The Rodller founders

Rodller is based out of Monaco, Singapore and Slovakia, Bratislava. Our main mission is to grow revenue at our Customers. In line with this mission we grow brands through reputation, trust and pragmatic lead sourcing. We are a team of specialists that take pride in launching new Digital ideas and providing Digital Services. We want to bring value to our customers by connecting the dots between Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing and Lead Sourcing. In some cases we are part of our Customers’ Board, the CEO brainstorm team or fund raising processes.

We always aim for the long-term relationship because we grow, when you grow.

With Rodller, you get a team of Digital Marketing experts, Digital Processes, Designers, Content Writers, and Project expertise at the fraction of the costs. Rodller knows how to build Digital trust, create inbound traffic, optimize conversion, and monitor progress.


Rodller Founders

Aleksandar Gubecka


Bratislava Office

Aleksandar is a Developer with exceptional Business insight. He takes a leading role in the ever changing world of coding, automating, optimizing and campaigning.

With Alex and his team, Rodller has the required technical authority to lead any assignment, no matter the complexity.

Rodller Founders

Carwin Heierman


Monaco Office

Carwin is a serial entrepreneur with nearly 20 years terrain experience. He leads the Rodller team, it’s vision and operations. 

Carwin is invested in multiple Projects and sits on the Board of a publicly traded firm.

Rodller Founders

Milica Gubecka


Bratislava Office

Milica is a Digital Designer with a long term vision on Branding. With Milica’s ‘Design Thinking’ methodology, Rodller can help organization to establish, or revamp, their brand strategy.

Design and Brand often represent the emotional connection to the target group, something Milica gets done.

Andeed Ma

Andeed Ma

Head of Growth

Singapore Office

Aminur Rahman

Aminur Rahman Cheri

Digital Marketing Manager

Chennai Office

Patrick bekli

Patrick Bekli


Monaco Office

Our Location


98000 Monaco
+33 623 14 67 47


Mostová 2
Bratislava, Slovakia
+421 950 260 237





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