5 Reasons to invest in Impact Startups

5 Reasons to invest in Impact Startups

1. Drive Positive Social Change with impact investing

Impact investing is a way to drive positive social change. Rodller believes it’s an investment practice that can generate both financial return and social or environmental impact. The impact of an investment is measured in terms of outcomes such as job creation, poverty alleviation, clean energy deployment, access to healthcare, education, and other social and environmental objectives. Our Impact investors choose to invest in businesses, projects, or funds that have specific social or environmental objectives, or they invest in companies that simply aim to be more socially or environmentally responsible. Impact investments are made in emerging markets and in underserved communities, where our investors believe they can make the most positive impact. By investing in companies and projects that are making a difference, impact investors are helping to create a more sustainable and equitable world. In short, the greater purpose does matter here.

2. Generate Financial Returns

Impact investing is a type of investing that seeks to generate both a financial return and a positive social or environmental impact. This type of investing typically focuses on investments in businesses, projects, and funds that seek to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return to investors. At Rodller we see examples of potential investments include microfinance initiatives, green energy projects, and affordable housing developments. Impact investing should generate financial returns in a variety of ways. The most common method is through equity investments in impact-seeking businesses and projects. These investments can provide returns through dividends, capital appreciation, and/or proceeds from a sale of the investment. Other methods of generating returns include debt investments, where investors receive periodic payments from the borrower, and grant investments, where investors provide capital to a project in exchange for a return of principal plus a percentage of the project’s profits. Impact investors can also generate financial returns by investing in funds that focus exclusively on impact investments. Rodller can help Family Offices connect with such funds.

3. Support Innovative Solutions

By investing in impact startups, you can support innovative solutions to solve complex global challenges. In the Rodller Capital Portal, we see all kinds of amazing ideas to solve Impact related changes. They can be nifty, such as the tokenization of Carbon Credits, but also straightforward solutions in bringing Electric mobility to Africa.

4. Foster Economic Development

We are now touching the macro effect of Impact Investing. Boosting economic development by investing in impact startups is an effective way to promote economic growth. Impact startups are companies that aim to solve social, environmental, and economic challenges through their products or services. These companies are often led by innovative and passionate entrepreneurs who are looking to make a positive difference in their communities. Investing in these companies can help stimulate economic growth by creating job opportunities, providing access to capital, and developing new and innovative solutions to address current problems. Rodller supports impact Investing on clean energy, health care, education, sustainable agriculture, affordable housing and more. By investing in these types of startups, VC’s, Family Offices or even Institutional Investors can help foster economic development and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable economy.

5. Attract Top Talent

Attracting top talent is essential for any organization, and investing in impact startups is a great way to do this. Impact startups are companies that strive to make a positive social, environmental, or economic impact on the world. By investing in these businesses, your company can show potential employees that it cares about the world and is committed to making a difference. Also, investing in impact startups can open access to networks of top talent and create opportunities for collaboration, which can further improve your chances of attracting and hiring great employees.

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